COVID-19 Updates and Amended Booking Policies - Yasawa Island Resort
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COVID-19 Updates & Amended Booking Policies

Update: October, 2021

Bula from our Yasawa Family to yours! We can’t wait to welcome you back!

As we await the return of our dearly missed guests and loyal returnees, we wanted to share with you our plans to ensure that your future Yasawa experience is a safe, stress free and healthy one. Yasawa Island has had zero cases of Covid-19. Our small island nation has been quick to take action to contain the spread of the virus and has been extremely proactive.

We hope the information below is able to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. If you require further information or wish to speak to us directly to discuss our Protection and Management program, please email Paul at

Cancellation Policies Revised

In these uncertain times, we want to give you security and confidence in your booking with us. We have revised our prepayment and cancellation policies to be as flexible as possible.

In the event of national border closures, travel restrictions, international flight cancellations related to Covid-19, and/or ill health of the guests specific to Covid-19 (medical certificate required), Yasawa will waive all cancellation and amendment fees. Free date changes may also be applied for travel up to 24-months from original travel dates.

If you have an existing booking, and are unable to travel for any reason, please contact our Reservations Team who can help you rearrange your stay. We are doing our best to support all guests and our loyal returnees during these challenging times.

Prevention and Protection

Our prevention and protection plan includes participation and accreditation in the Care Fiji Commitment a comprehensive sanitisation programme across Fiji that includes resort enhanced sanitisation protocols, social distancing procedures, emergency quarantine and containment procedures, screening and awareness programme for our Yasawa Family members.

When borders open, we will have a number of additional measures in place including but not limited to:

-Restricting non-critical movement for our staff

-Pausing visits to our local villages, school and church by our guests

-Minimising the amount of physical contact between our Yasawa Family members and guests

-All public areas are supplied with sanitisers and our open air restaurant layout meet a minimum of 1.5 meters between tables

-All surfaces in close contact with food and guests are sanitised regularly

-Activities will be managed so that guests are able to social distance or have private experiences.

All of our measures are being done discretely, and we aim to ensure that all of these measures are done with as little impact as possible to your Yasawa Experience. While our warm hugs have been temporarily replaced with our big Bula! greetings and our everlasting smiles, we assure you that our hospitality is as warm and welcoming as always.


Our Reservations Team will explain our transfers to you during the booking process. The resort operates the only airstrip on Yasawa Island. All flights to and from the island are arranged by the resort and for the resort’s guests only. Please note that our transfers are on third-party private aircraft and the aircraft are sanitised after all transfers to and from our resort. If you require further information or wish to see the carrier’s detailed plans, please contact our Reservations Team.

Our Yasawa Family

All of our Yasawa Family (staff members) are trained in the importance of social distancing and preventing transmission of COVID-19. Guests will be checked in privately in their villa as a precautionary measure. Housekeepers will visit villas only when called upon. Sanitisers and paper tissues are replenished every day and all guest contact surfaces are sanitised regularly.

Completely Private Retreats

If you have a group or a larger family and are looking for complete privacy and ultimate isolation, we offer special conditions and prices for the exclusivity of the island and its 18 villas. Please click here for more information or contact our Reservations Team for more information.

Documented Proof

-Are from or have stayed in a Travel Partner country for at least 10 days before travel.  

    • Currently approved countries include: Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and most Pacific Island Countries and Territories

-If 12 years or older, take an RT-PCR test 72 hrs prior to travel and test negative.

-Have a confirmed booking with a CFC hotel (Like Yasawa Island Resort & Spa) before boarding your flight. 


-If 18 years or older, be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travel. 

– Currently, Fiji recognises all WHO vaccines – Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Sinopharm / Sinovax vaccines. 

Care Fiji Committed Accommodation & In-country travel

-Book CFC- certified accommodation for the duration of your stay.  

– Take a Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test 48 hrs after arrival

-Within this 48-hour timeframe, guests may enjoy their hotel facilities, transit to a CFC-certified hotel on another island, take a day trip or book an adventure as long as you have travelled with CFC-certified partner hotels, tours, experiences, operators, and transfers.    

-A negative test result will allow you to enter the community as you wish 

Entering the Community

Download the careFIJI app and keep Bluetooth turned on at all times. 

Leaving Fiji

You will need to record a negative test result in order to board your return flight to your home country. The type of test is dependent on your home Government’s requirements


Travel insurance covering COVID-19 is highly recommended to cover any costs that arise if you test positive for COVID-19 while in Fiji.